Toilet Installation

United Installers offers complete toilet repairs and new installations for your home or office. We can help with any project, large or small from fixing a leaky toilet to a whole bathroom remodel. If you want to choose installing a new toilet, we have all the information to help you make the best buying decision.  We are happy to provide estimates for repair or installation, so that when you have your quote we can get your project done quickly!

Toilet Repairs

A clogged toilet can cause embarrassment and frustration. Water rises and panic sets in as dirty unsanitary water spills on the floor. If your toilet needs plunging on a regular basis, then there is most likely an obstruction farther down the drain pipe or even a symptom of a larger problem in the sewer line.  Water running for an extended period of time after a flush means that your toilet is leaking. You could have a corroded flush valve assembly or overflow pipe. Don’t jiggle the handle! Call United Installers and save money on your water bills!

Toilet Replacement

Sometimes it is more cost efficient to replace a toilet with a newer model that will save water. Most older toilets use 3.5 gallons per flush compared to the newer low-flow that use 1.6 gallons with the same flushing power! The savings will add up every month as you do your part in helping the environment with water conservation! United Installers can help you decide which model will fit your needs and install it quickly.

Toilet installation and repair

Toilet installation and repair

Don’t lose money due to a running toilet! Call today!