Leak Detection

Water leak detection provides crucial information about the condition of pipelines and water distribution systems. Leaks occur in every conceivable location in walls, outside, above ground and underground. Leaks happen in all kinds of pipe material such as galvanized steel, copper, ductile iron, and plastic piping.

In the unfortunate event that you experience leaks, it is important that you take the correct steps as quick as possible to solve the problem.  Waiting can cause a higher repair bill and damage to your property.  Our expert technicians are industry leaders in non-destructive, accurate detection of all types of leaks. This not only saves money and time, it also prevents property damage.

United Installers can help you conserve water, and control unnecessary costs from damage and water bills. We have a proven track record of finding the most difficult water leaks! Our combination of highly trained, experienced plumbers and specialized technology ensure our commitment to outstanding customer service and total satisfaction.

Common causes of pipe leaks

  • Clogged drains and toilets – if those clogs are not cleared properly, they can lead to leaks
  • Aging and Shifting Pipes – Rust and age can lead to cracks and crevices. Have your pipes inspected to see if they need replacing.
  • Sediment in Water Heaters – The plumbing that leads in and out of your water heater can age and rust causing blockage and leaks.

Leak Detection Services

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